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Can I Get a Health Insurance to English Dictionary Please?

Now that we are approaching 90 days from the date the first open enrollment period ended under Obamacare (or utilizing its more formal name – The Affordable Care Act), people are starting to use their new insurance plans for doctors visits and prescriptions. And people are starting to have questions. During open enrollment, the federal government and navigators simplified the process of choosing a health plan online – “Look at your monthly premium cost and look at the annual deductible amount and pick a plan.” But the details of the plans and exactly how to use health insurance were not necessarily a focus for the government or the navigators.

In an article out today by Kaiser Health News, the problems of our nation’s health literacy levels are explored and how the complexity of the language of health insurance could significantly impact the health outcomes the Affordable Care Act, and the mandate that everyone have health insurance, was meant to improve.

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