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Do You Remember Everything Your Doctor Says?

I know I don’t. The doctor visit is usually short and the information provided is usually overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be great if we could record the discussion so we could play it back later when we are in a place or in a frame of mind to really listen to what the doctor is saying? We Tivo or DVR tv shows for playback later, we can watch movies or listen to radio shows “On Demand,” so why not use the available technology to capture the important information our doctors are communicating to us about our healthcare? But what about privacy concerns? Would the fact that the recording could be heard by others prevent people from providing all details to their physician? A recent article in the American Medical News discusses the pros and cons of recording the interaction between patients and their physicians. With recording technology getting better and more available, the use of it for the purpose of helping patients understand the information being communicated to them should be discussed further.

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